About Us

Around 330 B.C. a young man by the name of Alexander led armies of men to conquer more than a million miles of territory. To this day, historians marvel at his accomplishments, and citizens around the world claim him as their own: king of the Macedonians, master of the Greeks, pharaoh of Egypt or ruler of Asia, the debate rages on. However, one name over which there is no dispute is: Alexander The Great!

The legend of Alexander’s ambition and determination has grown through the centuries; however, it was not until more than two thousand years later, in Southeast Michigan, that the ultimate secret to his success was revealed. In 1977, Tom and Paulina Tomich began to share Alexander’s secret with the world. In the words of Alexander himself, “To lead armies of men, you must first feed armies of men.”

Alexander’s appetite for territory and riches devoured Europe, Africa and Asia, and was matched only by his armies’ appetite for BBQ ribs...therein lies the secret of Alexander The Great. He rewarded and rejuvenated his men after each conquest with a celebration. The celebrations were built around the ritualistic process of preparing ribs. Alexander’s armies would choose a location on their newly conquered land, construct a canopy, dig a massive barbecue pit and ignite a fire. Once they had set up their camp, the ritual began:

First the ribs were trimmed of excess fat so that the next step—the seasoning—effectively tenderized the meat. After the special blend of seasoning salts was applied, each slab of ribs was stacked on a uniquely crafted, long, sharpened skewer. Next the ribs were carefully laid over the flaming pit and the skewers were slowly rotated so that the ribs cooked evenly to perfection. Finally, as the ribs were removed from the skewers, they were carefully brushed with Alexander’s secret recipe sauce. A combination of tangy-sweet and spicy-hot, the sauce was known for its ability to leave soldiers incredibly satisfied yet craving more. Once the process was complete and the ribs were prepared, Alexander and his army took part in a great feast which they knew would only be repeated if they were successful in their next conquest.

Two thousand years later, using modern technology, Tom and Paulina have preserved each step in the Alexander Process, down to using the same blend of seasonings and the age-old recipe for "THE GREAT" BBQ SAUCE. They have been sharing Alexander’s secret with the modern world for three decades at their restaurant in Westland, Michigan. The response has been unanimous: East to West, their BBQ is the Best!

In addition to The Great BBQ Ribs and Sauce, Tom and Paulina have carefully added to the restaurant’s range of selections so as to satisfy every appetite, while maintaining the highest standards of quality. As a nod to the past they named the restaurant “Alexander The Great,” but don’t worry, they don’t expect patrons to go out and conquer any territories. Instead, with excellent service and delicious food, they invite you, your family and friends to take part in an age-old tradition and to indulge in a GREAT feast of your own! *

Thank you for your patronage, and enjoy!

* This is a story based on true facts; however, it has been altered and exaggerated for your enjoyment.